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Fuego de Dios

Our Voice - February 18, 2013 - 0 Comments

Standing in the back of the room trying to capture a few of the phrases in Spanish that I know as almost 200 students and leaders sing together.  The band is great.  The atmosphere is overwhelming as this room is filled with students from children’s homes in the Monterrey MX area.  It’s hard to worship though.  I struggle to sing.  There are no words projected on a screen, so I can’t even recite this language that I don’t know.  I’m frustrated that I took Latin in high school.  I should have taken Spanish.  God is probably laughing at my silly thoughts.  All of the sudden, I experience clarity.  I hear the words, “Fuego de Dios” and I begin to smile.  God and I have this long running conversation through this song.  He has made it the soundtrack to my spiritual journey.  As the voices of these lonely, broken, abandoned, abused, and fatherless children sing about the Fire of God falling on them, I realize the power of the presence of God at this retreat.  I remember the night one summer when a bunch of high school students couldn’t stop singing this song.  I remember that night that God stopped my sermon with this song.  I remember the movement of the Holy Spirit in that night at Butler Springs that marks the anointing of some of the most influential kingdom leaders in the church today.  I remember that God is faithful.  When we ask for His refiners fire to fall down on us, as we seek His face, he sends His Spirit and we are transformed.  Sometimes it is realized in a moment, and sometimes it takes years, but God is faithful.  He is reviving us again.


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