This is Temporary but WE are not.

Retiro One21 part 2

Our Voice - March 5, 2013 - 0 Comments

“Las circunstancias son temporales, pero Yo no.!”  To say that we were all “moved” would be an understatement. The retreat in the mountains of Monterrey had been saturated with God’s love, grace, and truth.  We were all still putting into words all that we had seen and heard as a generation of orphans claimed, “my circumstances are temporary, but I am not.”   As we sat in the crowded room to celebrate and evaluate the weekend, some students were sharing their biggest takeaways.  It was powerful.  The Story of God was being told by the abandoned and the rejected:


“Before this retreat I did not believe I would ever get married or have kids….now I know I can be a great wife and a great mother.”


“I always wanted to be a pastor, and thought God might use me someday, this weekend I realized I am a pastor and He is using me now.”


“I have dreams and I believe that with Jesus I can reach them.”


“This weekend taught me that my circumstances can change and that I can be a great husband someday.”


“My story changed the lives of some of the other kids at the retreat.”


“I used to wonder why people from Back2Back would hang out with me all the time…now I understand.”


To hear these words from children who have been deeply wounded by abandonment was overwhelming.  More than that, though, it was affirming.  These weren’t students who attended the retreat, they were the ones who led it.  They were the hands and feet of the weekend.  They shared their testimonies at a break out session.  They led the small groups.  They helped lead worship.


We can tell people they matter as much as we want and it might slightly change something.  We can invite them to join something that matters, and it will change everything.  We don’t need to tell people that God loves them, we need to invite them to love people with us.


My circumstances are temporary, but I am not….and nether are you.  Join this movement.  Claim your story and do something.

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