This is Temporary but WE are not.


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Popcorn…check. Drinks…check. Beautiful woman sitting next to me…check. The previews end and the feature presentation starts. I’m engaged immediately in the storyline. It’s well written, the cinematography is excellent, but something just isn’t right. Then I remember this movie was created for 3D. We don’t usually do the “3D” thing with movies, we are more comfortable without stuff flying in our face. However, as I’m watching this movie I’m realizing the writers didn’t create it for what I was comfortable with, they created it to be fully engaging in 3D form. Instead of being a great work of art, it became an ok movie for me. I left wondering what all of the cinematography looked like through the lens it was meant to be seen through.

Unless we engage the Kingdom of God with the reckless abandon it was created for, we miss the point. Yet when we choose to experience it with full commitment we get a glimpse into what God created for us to enjoy. Instead of sermons being 30 minute pep talks, they become the messages of God to the people he loves. Communion ceases to be a stale weekly routine and becomes the reconciliation of our lives back to God and to those we love. The offering box doesn’t look like a banking firm, but an investment into the community around us. The church ceases to be a place to gather and becomes the beautiful bride of Christ. We can continue to experience God in our comfort or we can engage in the story the way it was written.

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