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sea shells

Our Voice - May 4, 2013 - 0 Comments

Jesus once told a story about a man who found a treasure buried in a field. The treasure was so valuable that he sold everything to buy the field so he could have the treasure. Jesus said this is what His Kingdom is like. I wonder what the man found? I wonder what the treasure looked like?

My daughter was standing on the beach with her mom last week. They were searching for treasure. Sunnie had never seen the beach before. She was mesmerized by it. She loved the waves of the ocean as they collided with the beach. She was most taken by the shells those waves brought to her feet. She and her mommy would dig their hands into the wet sand as the waves surrendered at their feet. My girls would bring their hands up full of sand and treasure. Sara would show Sunnie the little ones, full and perfect. What happened next has stuck with Sara and I since that moment. Sunnie picked one out, held it up, and said, “but look at this one momma, isn’t it beautiful?” It was broken, beaten by its journey through the ocean. Yet its markings were beautiful, vibrant, and colorful. Sunnie didn’t see what it had lost, she saw the beauty in what it was. She filled a bucket full of beautifully broken shells. That was her treasure. I wonder if that is what that man saw, something beautifully broken that he would give everything to have. . . because that is what Jesus Kingdom is.

Battered by the waves of life, we reach the shore with pieces missing, but He sees beauty in what remains and redeems what has been lost. I think I’m a shell in His bucket.

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