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The Little Brother.

Our Voice - June 25, 2013 - 0 Comments

I heard an 18 year old high school graduate describe his “tribe” within this generation as “the little brothers.” He expounded that, while the now 20 somethings experienced a rebirth of so many things in the church, his tribe grew up without a war to wage or an axe to grind. They have culturally adequate (if not exceptional) worship, teaching they can understand, cool youth buildings and space, and enough relevant magazines/blogs/Bibles/apps to fill a library. Yet they struggle to find their own niche. None of these resources help them to navigate their identity in this over saturated culture. They see their big brothers “church trophies”. They see the hypocrisy with them too. “Build what I build, don’t do what I do.” With all of these conquests on their brothers shelves, they wonder, “what’s the point? I can never live up to that.” The problem is, the little brother perspective is a lie. God’s kingdom isn’t a “what” it is a “who”. Our churches could spend all of our resources on space, music, and stuff. . . or we could invest in people, in relationships, in love. This generation isn’t looking for big brothers, they are looking for dads. They don’t need someone to compete with, they need someone to adore, to follow, to apprentice, to love, and be empowered by. In a fatherless generation, we must fight to declare them as sons and daughters. Jesus calls us to come to him as little children. . . not as the little brother.

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