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Alex’s Declaration

Our Voice - July 29, 2013 - 0 Comments

{The following was the Declaration made by Alex O’brien, an incoming freshman, made at One21 Summer Experience 2013.  These are his words, as declared on behalf of his generation.}

I declare that the only one to follow is Jesus. This year, I have gradually started to understand that this is true. Since I am a teenage boy, hormones are running high, which means that my mood can spontaneously flare. I snap back at my parents more, I rebel against chores, and I don’t appreciate my parents enough sometimes. Once I saw this, I was amazed at my behaviors. But God has an answer for this. I found that Psalm 23 talks about some things that I can relate to, such as the metaphor of the shepherd and his sheep. God is the shepherd, and I am one of the sheep that misbehaves. It goes off track, it wanders, and constantly has to be watched. But it still follows. I feel that everyone today focuses too much on material things, such as electronics and money. But Jesus can help you all. If you just focus on Him and follow what the Bible says, we can rise above some of our imperfections. Psalm 23 can help many people, and it has helped me declare what I need to do.

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