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4 Things Dads Want From Their Kids

(This article is featured in the One21 Magazine, Issue 3. Rick Moore is a seasoned ministry veteran, a father, husband, and church pastor. You can find him on twitter @thirdram.) Almost twenty years ago I took my first part time youth ministry. I was nineteen and thought I knew it all. A group of parents […]

Our Voice - December 4, 2013

20Something FAQ’s

1. Where can I view the schedule? Some of the start times may change and we may add additional elements, but the flow of this schedule should help as you plan for the event. 2. How do I register? There are two registration options: – Register online here: You can register individually or as a […]

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20Something Schedule

20something is a weekend gathering for those who are questioning, doubting, wandering, longing, and seeking life. The “church” hasn’t been the greatest leader of the 20something, yet it is in dire need of us. We need it too. If the church is a house of prayer, a drink of forgiveness, a bread of grace, a family […]

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4 Things High School Students can do to Revive their Generation

(This post was recently published in the One21 Magazine, Issue 3. Kevan Duke is a long time partner of One21, a discipleship pastor with Crossview Christian Church, and a music artist.)   Re-capture what it means to be Christ-like   What do you think it means to be Christ-like? How would you measure such a […]

Our Voice - December 2, 2013