This is Temporary but WE are not.


Our Voice - January 17, 2014 - 0 Comments

I was recently looking at 2014, listing all the “stuff” I wanted to get done, needed to get done, and dreamed of getting done.  As I looked at the list it seemed daunting and in all honesty, impossible to accomplish.  I looked at the list and thought: what should I quit doing?  Maybe I had said “yes” to the wrong things.  Maybe I had overcommitted.  I began to deconstruct the list, or in simple terms, to quit stuff.  In my head, Bob Goff was celebrating like it was Thursday.  It wasn’t right, though.  It didn’t sit well in my spirit. Quitting some of this stuff felt limiting.  So I wrote on the top of the page,


What if quitting isn’t an option?


My mentality shifted.  Instead of questioning why I wasn’t able to do the stuff on the list, I started writing the names of people who were good at some of the things on the list.  Instead of quitting, I began to think about inviting.  Instead of giving up, I started to think about asking for help.  When quitting isn’t an option, community becomes an answer.  We are tempted to quit things from time to time.  Sometimes it’s a good thing (Bob’s kind of quitting stuff) and other times, it’s just a copout.  I only want to quit the stuff that Jesus doesn’t want me doing.


Today I’m claiming that my help comes from the Lord.   The more people I invite into the story God is writing around me, the more we accomplish in His Name.  He has a Kingdom full of people.  Why go it alone?  Why quit stuff that we know is good?  When quitting isn’t an option, inviting always is.

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