This is Temporary but WE are not.

A forgettable meal or Unforgettable Moment.

Obeying God is hard.  Sometimes we don’t know what He wants.  At other times, we don’t want to do what He says.  More often than not, we aren’t sure how He will accomplish what He promises because, from where we stand, it seems impossible.  This was a conversation the four of us had around midnight, on the first […]

Our Voice - July 31, 2014

Holy Ship!

Jose is a caregiver at Manantial De Amor (MDA), a children’s home in Monterrey, MX.  He is a creative who uses art and woodworking to nurture and guide the hearts of young men toward a healthy future.  He invites each boy in the children’s home to work on a project with him.  Their invitation is […]

Our Voice - July 29, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 7

It was the seventh day, and God rests from the work he is doing.  The first six days of creation God makes “good”  stuff and speaks into existence “very good” people.  At least that’s how it looks to us at One21.  The first five days of creation he speaks into existence the Heavens, Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Oceans, Trees, […]

Uncategorized - July 22, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 6

A day not soon forgotten. As we continue to share the stories of the One21 team on mission in Monterrey with Back2Back Ministries, it is getting harder to keep them general enough that we don’t over share.  We want you to hear the heart behind each story as it is told from the team.  There […]

Uncategorized - July 18, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 5

Concrete Mixers.  Wheel barrels.  Shovels.  Gravel.  Cement Blocks. These defined the first part of our day today.  As the team continues to invest into the children at Manantial De Amor, we found ourselves building the future home of some MDA teenagers.  This “MDA Dreams’ home will not be ready for some time, but when it […]

Uncategorized - July 17, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 4

[Today’s post is written by trip participant Ben Hutton.] There always seems to be that moment where, you were so busy watching and waiting for what you had imagined happening, that you weren’t prepared for what actually happened. It catches you by surprise. But it is in that moment of being off guard that you […]

Uncategorized - July 16, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 3

What is God saying to you?   It’s a question we find ourselves asking often on this trip.  One of the best things so far is HOW  God is speaking to us. It has been in moments of laughter, in celebration, in community, in victories, and in reflection.  His voice is heard in the celebratory shout […]

Our Voice - July 15, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 2

Even though it is in Spanish, I recognize it immediately. The song is “How Great is Our God”,  and I think, I know this one.  My eyes look to the stage and I think, I know them too!  It’s Shannen and Louisa, two Hope Education program students from Back2Back leading this church to the throne […]

Our Voice - July 14, 2014

One21/Back2Back Day 1

The day just kept getting better.  It started with smooth travel and a team that was willing to build community with one another as they started this journey together.  It was defined by a tour through one of the homes of the Hope Education program students at Back2Back Ministries.  The Hope Program extends the child […]

Our Voice - July 12, 2014

One21 goes global

Since the birth of One21 as part of Back2Back Ministries in 2008, there was a vision to resource emerging generations around the world to live the Gospel in community.  They would learn from one another, encourage one another, and share Jesus with one another.  Today marks a defining moment in this vision as 30 of […]

Our Voice - July 12, 2014