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One21/Back2Back Day 2

Our Voice - July 14, 2014 - 0 Comments

Even though it is in Spanish, I recognize it immediately. The song is “How Great is Our God”,  and I think, I know this one.  My eyes look to the stage and I think, I know them too!  It’s Shannen and Louisa, two Hope Education program students from Back2Back leading this church to the throne of God in worship.   “How great is our God” only seems fitting as I reflect on the beauty of this moment.  As I stand singing with a group of teenagers from one21, the Mexican teenagers we came to serve and encourage are leading us.  How Great are you God, that you could write this story for us today?

The story has continued to unfold as the One21 group spends more time with the teens from Back2Back.  Today we spent time together watching the World Cup Finals, playing one of the One21 versions of Capture the Flag, and worshipping.  It was a full day of relationships and a reminder of how time spent together deepens connection between people.  Tonight we invited the teenagers from the Hope program to join us for the week as we minister to another children’s home Manatiel De Amor (MDA).  We wait expectantly for what God will bring tomorrow.

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