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One21/Back2Back Day 3

Our Voice - July 15, 2014 - 0 Comments

What is God saying to you?


It’s a question we find ourselves asking often on this trip.  One of the best things so far is HOW  God is speaking to us.

It has been in moments of laughter, in celebration, in community, in victories, and in reflection.  His voice is heard in the celebratory shout of a young boy who just won a game the group played with him.  It is found in the conversations being had around a pool party.  It is heard in the voice of Mario, a Hope Education student, as he shares his testimony with us.  The spirit of God is stirring in our hearts and minds as we step forward today to take hold of his Story and to join in the moment he has planned for us.

Today we travel to a children’s home with the hopes of blessing the children and the caregivers.  You are invited to join our journey today.  After lunch we will be praying over each caregiver, thanking them for continuing to invest in this generation, and inviting God to teach and train them to chase the hearts of the children they serve.  Would you break after lunch and join us in this prayer.  The names of the caregivers are:

Jose.  Lorena.  Martin.  Nora.  Joel.  Paola.  Samuel.  Yadira.  Edgar.  Conny.

Edgar is the director of the home and carries the torch to lead this team and the children of Manantial de Amor.


Thank you for praying with us and joining our team!

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