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One21/Back2Back Day 4

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[Today’s post is written by trip participant Ben Hutton.]

There always seems to be that moment where, you were so busy watching and waiting for what you had imagined happening, that you weren’t prepared for what actually happened. It catches you by surprise. But it is in that moment of being off guard that you are unintentionally most prepared to accept this gift of a moment.

Our hearts were so set on loving the caregivers of Manantial de Amor. We had spent so much time praying and preparing gifts; prayers were being sent their way from dozens of people in the States. So, when we arrived at the children’s home, we could hardly wait to give these gifts and words of encouragement to those who have invested so much into nurturing the children at MDA. But God had something extra and unexpected for us; He needed to teach us an important and deeper aspect to His story.

After we gave the gifts to the caregivers and watched their faces light up with nearly inexpressible joy, they asked to give us a gift. And there it was, the moment none of us had expected. Our hearts were full of joy, but God, through these caregivers, wanted to push us past the tipping point.

They prayed for us. Up until this point, maybe we felt as though we were on this trip to resource and encourage these amazing people so that they could continue their work. And we did that. But the deeper truth to God’s story is that we have been in this together with these people the whole time. We are not traveling separate journeys, with different missions, and uncommon passion. No, we are all chasing the same Jesus who gives the same hope.

Today God showed us that His story is happening, everywhere, constantly. And today we simply got the blessing of meeting fellow travelers on the road, encouraging each other, and dreaming together of our unified destination.

2 Comments on “One21/Back2Back Day 4

  1. Leah Claibourne on said:Reply

    Thanks for sharing these updates. I am encouraged and challenged as I read each post!
    I’m lifting all of you up in prayer!

    Nuestro Dios es grande!

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