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One21/Back2Back Day 5

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Concrete Mixers.  Wheel barrels.  Shovels.  Gravel.  Cement Blocks.

These defined the first part of our day today.  As the team continues to invest into the children at Manantial De Amor, we found ourselves building the future home of some MDA teenagers.  This “MDA Dreams’ home will not be ready for some time, but when it is, it will be a family style living environment that will be poised to help children break the cycle of poverty in their lives.  For us, it was a site that would test us, strengthen us, and empower us to believe even more about ourselves.  The mound of cement blocks that needed moved: over 1,000.  The concrete that would be mixed and wheel barreled through the campus would take hours.  The task looked daunting and felt impossible as the day began.  With the unity on this team, however, the task was not only doable, but doable with time to spare. The team finished both projects and we still had 30 minutes left to pour into the campus.  There was one more task on the list that we thought we should start.  One of the Back2Back Staff asked the local mason if he would like us to start on it and his reply was “No, we are worn out.”  Telling a team of high school students, parents, and youth pastors that they had worn out the Masonry crew was one of the most rewarding moments of the trip.

As the team looked at what they had done, it was obvious they felt gratified by it.  Many of them had put more physical labor in this one day than in most of their lives.  Some were reminded of what completing a project felt like.  All of us were unified by the work we did today.  It was a great day of labor.

This led into a night of worship that was defining for most of the team.  We will leave their stories to be told by them, but can say that tonight was spent on holy ground.  Many of the team spent time in prayer and worship.  Several spent time processing the things they longed for God to change in their life.  It was an evening of restoration and renewal.  On this day we worked on “Dreams” while God worked on us.


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