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One21/Back2Back Day 6

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A day not soon forgotten.

As we continue to share the stories of the One21 team on mission in Monterrey with Back2Back Ministries, it is getting harder to keep them general enough that we don’t over share.  We want you to hear the heart behind each story as it is told from the team.  There are so many great stories to share, and so many God moments to celebrate that we can’t wait to return and share them.  One involves a wooden ship and toy semi-truck.  One centers on redemption.  One reflects the depth of continued contact.

There is one, though, that shines as an example of what One21 really is.  As night fell upon the Back2Back campus, a group of us sat under a tree sharing our thoughts on the day.  As we began, one of the Hope education program students sat down to join us.  His name is Enrique, but most call him “Kee-Ke”.  He sat and listened for a while while we shared the action steps we planned on taking in response to our week.  When asked what he thought of the week, Kee-Ke shared that he had dreamed of One21 in America joining One21 in Mexico to spend time together, become friends, and be God’s Kingdom together.  He shared that while he had seen photos of One21 camps in America, he didn’t believe he would ever meet the students from there.   When he heard that Chris (Cox) was coming back, he didn’t think students would be coming too.  On this night he said, his dream was coming true.  Students from two nations were becoming friends.  This dream encouraged him and gave him the excitement to look forward to the things God was still bringing.


We came to serve students like Kee-Ke.  By the end of the night, he was ministering to us as he prayed over our group.  Resourcing Emerging Generations to Live Like Jesus.  That’s us.  In the US and in Mexico.

Our hearts are full.


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