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One21/Back2Back Day 7

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It was the seventh day, and God rests from the work he is doing.  The first six days of creation God makes “good”  stuff and speaks into existence “very good” people.  At least that’s how it looks to us at One21.  The first five days of creation he speaks into existence the Heavens, Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Oceans, Trees, Plants, Fruit, Birds, Fish, and Animals.  He calls them “good.”  On the 6th day, He speaks man into existence, makes woman from man’s rib, and calls them “very good.”  In this first week of creation, God builds the mandate for those that bear his image.  Make good stuff and be very good people.  By spending 6 days in that mandate, we will long for a day of Rest, worshipping God with the good stuff and really good relationships we have made.  This is the Kingdom of God, filled with good stuff and a community of very good people.  It is true, we only become “very good people” through the name of Jesus.  Without him we are unable to be very good.  Yet his grace, love, compassion, truth, justice, and holiness intertwine within us to illuminate the “very good.” Last week a group of 30 students, leaders, and parents journeyed to Monterrey, MX with Back2Back Ministries.  It was a week of good work as we developed an understanding of “play with purpose”, moved concrete, carried 1,000 cement blocks, rode roller coasters, cleaned roofs, painted walls, and hosted birthday parties.  It was a week with “very good people” as we invested in the caregivers of Manantial De Amor, built friendships with Hope education program students, nurtured children to know a little more of Jesus, and served every man, woman, and child we met.  The seventh day arrived just in time.  God has done such great work through this trip, we need to stop, rest, and worship.  God met us in Monterrey, where he showed us how to build good stuff, and how to be very good people.

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