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The Trinity: The Father

Our Voice - January 5, 2015 - 0 Comments

Who is God the Father and how am I supposed to relate to him? In my attempt to describe the person of the Father within the Trinity I’ve decided I might as well try to capture the wind in a test tube, only the thing I am trying to capture created the wind itself and the minerals that make up the glass of the test tube. In other words, it’s a doozy.


But what’s interesting is the face of mystery; I have come to know things about God the Father that are certain. I’ve laid out four aspects of the Father that He has revealed about Himself throughout the bible, His interactions with humanity and to me personally.


He is creative. God the Father is the master of all artists capable of limitless creativity. We need to look no further than where it begins in Genesis. Our Father begins life itself through creating. He creates colors and oceans, lions and crickets, plateaus and abysses, galaxies and microorganisms. He doesn’t stop there. He uses all manner of creative ways to communicate to us, to the nation of Israel, to his people; fire, earthquakes, a donkey, manna, clouds, trumpets and a dry fleece. I find that still today the ways in which our Father speaks to me is creative. He uses his Word and my boys, my anxiety and the cashier at Sonic. God the Father desires that we know Him and allow ourselves to be fully known by Him and he shows his deep desire for this in how he creates new from old, beauty from ashes, continually creating and offering me to join Him on mission.


His ways are good, they protect me and they bring me life. The Father’s limits keep me safe; they keep my heart on the path of life. They are there set in place to point me to the way of true life, lived honestly, uprightly, courageously, connected. We have four young boys and watching my husband father them, protect them and guide them is a powerful example. Seeing how they respond when they are disciplined, how they reach to him when they are hurt, how they trust openly when he encourages them to risk. It’s but a tiny glimpse into the heart of the Father for me, for us. His directions and boundaries aren’t set in place to punish me. The exact opposite is true. They are set in place because he loves me. They are there to guard me from stupid choices and developing unhealthy patterns that will hurt me; instead they show me the way to live that brings life, protects my heart.


He’s in control. Throughout history God the Father has always been in control of what is happening – but never controlling. He was in control of the nation of Israel, of Queen Esther and the Pharaoh, of David as he slung his stone and Rahab as she hid the spies. He isn’t shaken and He doesn’t falter. His control is for the ultimate good of the world. He is involved, intimate, powerful. His ways are above ours and His goodness reigns over the just and the unjust.


The final – and most important – thing I know to be true about God the Father (and the trinity as a whole) is that no matter what I write, or what can be written, I’m convinced that He is best understood through experience. He is alive and He is moving. Let us be a generation that understands our Father more as we continue to respond to Him.


– Molly Borst

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