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Making the Rest of the Year Count

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Back to the old grind: making the most of the rest of your school year.  5 things everyone can do to make the Gospel more relational.


Being in college isn’t easy, that’s for sure, and over and over again I find that I am not your typical college student. I would rather stay home on a Saturday night then go to a wild party, and I think you would have to pay me a hefty sum of money to join a sorority. My peers ask me a lot why I don’t do these things, and I find myself in situations that open themselves to Jesus. I shy away often times, but when you enter the world of college—the world that is more accustomed to hang overs than Sunday mornings at church—the world that says girls are meant more for one night stands than marriage—the gospel is rarely shared and rarely experienced. I believe that these moments need to be grasped, and that, that is challenging. When taking on this task, when trying to share the gospel without scaring your friends off, when trying to be relational, these 5 things come to mind:

1. Actually be relational- It is impossible to make the Gospel relational if you you shy away from your peers. To make the Gospel relational, you have to have relationships, solid ones, with people who may not love the Lord but that you laugh with and eat meals with. Sharing the Gospel starts with real, loving, relationships.

2. Invite people to things outside of church- I love church. And in fact, I have recently found a church that I am so in love with, I would invite anyone too. But selling your friends on a Sunday morning starting with hands raised in worship and ending in an hour long sermon might not be the best way to start. Invite them to your house, to a meal, to a friends party that is free of temptations but is surrounded in Christ loving people. Give them opportunities to meet others who walk with Christ, around a dinner table or at a coffee shop, and allow them to experience the Gospel through these people, and then in a church building.

3. Live differently, but not proudly- In college, I have found that a lot of times, Christian students have a sense of pride. They find themselves to be better than their peers who so easily get lost in the world, in the parties and the drinking and the hook ups. Remind yourself daily that you, yes you, are still a sinner in need of His mighty grace. Just like that boy sitting next to you in Math, you need the love of Christ.

4. Share your own story- Maybe not while sitting in Literature 1001, but eventually, talk to people about your own life transformation. I have found that one of the most profound ways I have been able to share the gospel with college girls is when I talk to them about the heart wrenching break up I experienced my freshman year of college. The story that started with loving a boy too much and ended in beautiful redemption through Christ. Be real, be open, and share your own story.

5. Be a servant- When you look at the Bible, one of the first ways Jesus spread the Gospel was through his actions. His disciples not only preached, but served, and his followers were committed to loving other people before themselves. Cook meals, encourage others, serve like Jesus did. Remember that your actions are just as important as your words, and often times, we can love people and share the Gospel without speaking a sentence.

These things might already be common sense to you, or they might be new fun tidbits to sharing the Gospel. You might think they’re stupid, or ming blowing, or totally obvious. But I believe that first and foremost, Jesus was relational. So go out, be relational, love and serve and remember that there was a point in time when someone was relational with you, and that, that was life changing.

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