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Middle School Retreat Schedule

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Schedule (may be adapted slightly)



6:30p Registration Opens | Lodge

7:00p Games open in Chapel/Gym

7:15p Leader’s Meeting | Lodge

7:30p Friday Party: | Chapel/Gym

8:00p Main Session: Jesus Is Enough

9:00p Break/Snack

9:30p Family Feud Trivia Type Game | Lodge

10:30p Student Ministry Time

11:15p To the Dorms


8:00a Breakfast

8:30a Morning Wake-Up | Lodge

9:00a Morning Stations

11:45p Student Ministry Debrief

12:00p Lunch

1:00p Knockerball experience

2:30p Structured Free Time

5:00p Clean Up for Dinner

5:30p Dinner

6:30p Student Ministry Time.

7:30p Main Session 2: I Am Enough

8:45p: Break

9:00p: Kingdom Campfire

10:00p Game Time or Go to the dorms

12:00a Lights out


8:00a Breakfast | move out of Dorms

9:00a Scavenger Hunt

10:00a Break

10:30a Main Session: Enough Is Enough

12:00p Head Home

2 Comments on “Middle School Retreat Schedule

  1. for leaders and adult leaders what can I get to prep them? is there any small group leader material that we need to read and or questions that we can be reading up on to prep for?

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