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What to Bring. The Summer Experience 2017

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Here is what to pack.

The Experience | June 18-24 | Butler Springs

HERE Is an updated list of Things to Know/Bring to The One21 Summer Experience at Butler Springs.

Registration will open at 4p at the SNACK SHACK (on the right as you enter camp). You will not be able to register before that time, nor can you get your spot in the dorm before you register. Make sure you have either paid in full before you come to camp or bring payment with you.

A part of your week is spent in grade based “tribes”. You will also get plenty of student ministry time, squad time, and alone time. BUT for the tribe time, you should come ready to make the tribe stand out. Each tribe will represent a city that has unique qualities. Feel free to bring hats, jerseys, or other fun gear to make your city stand out. Here are your Tribes:
Freshmen Tribe: Cincinnati
Sophomore Tribe: Chicago
Junior Tribe: Los Angeles
Senior Tribe: New York City
Grad Tribe: Seattle

Additional Reminders

Returning students, bring your sorority or fraternity shirt from last year.

If this is your FIRST time joining us at The Summer Experience please bring a white t shirt. (in addition to the extra one listed below)

Girls: Please bring a dress or a nice outfit for dress up night!

Bring an extra white t-shirt and shorts/pants that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Directed Free Time. This is a time each day where you do something you enjoy as you find ways to connect with God through culture. The “directed” part lasts 30 minutes. We will invest in you, give you some input,  and then you can choose to keep going with it during free time if you want. The options will include: Story Slam, Music, Lip Sync Battle, Spoken Word, Sports, and Adventuring. Why tell you this now? Because we want you to feel free to bring tools to enhance your experience. You are welcome to bring your longboards, camera equipment, hiking gear (including sleeping bags), journals, drawing tools, music instruments, and sports gear. If you have questions about an item just email us at

Our mission for the week will be One21. Get Camp. Give Camp.  Our mission at One21 is to resource emerging generations to live like Jesus with hearts set on forever.  This had led us to create camp experiences in not only the United States, but also in Monterrey, MX where we create camp opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children. Your contributions help to make the One21 Global influence happen by funding a retreat, sponsoring HOPE program students, and investing in our staff support accounts. Please bring some $$ to invest in this ministry that promises to invest back into your generation. In the past we have taken a love offering as well as hosted an auction (that is super fun) at the end of the week.

What to bring; Bible, summer clothes (shorts, t shirts, jeans, etc.) tennis shoes, bedding, bathroom essentials, swimsuit (keep them classy and ladies & gentlemen, the camp requires ladies to wear a 1 piece suit), bug spray, flashlight, and water bottle. Optional: cleats, camera, $$ for extra snacks or one21 apparel. Yoga pants and tank tops can be worn but need to be appropriate- We can ask you to change if we really think you need to.

What NOT to bring:Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, ipods/mp3 players, or any weapons. You will not be allowed to use a cell phone once you arrive at camp-but you can use your phone as a camera for the week.

The camp website is Butler If you have any camp specific questions you can contact Chris Osborne at 937-588-2205 or email him at

So what should you expect from camp?  We hope it is a week of laughter, memories, and defining  moments for your relationship with God and one another. We have room for your friends. . . .it’s even better when they are with you! Don’t be afraid to invite them. You won’t regret it.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at


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