This is Temporary but WE are not.

Experience Change 2015

BackpackandBurdens_rearrange-01Have you ever had a moment where you started to empty out your backpack and realized that you had more stuff weighing it down than you remembered putting in? Somehow, things just seem to get lost in our backpacks, making the load heavier and heavier each time we carry it. There are some aspects of our lives that don’t belong in our backpacks. They are too big, too heavy, or simply not our burdens. God says that we shouldn’t carry our burdens alone. He actually says that we should help each other carry the heavy burdens of life. He also says we should have our own backpacks, full of the right stuff, that we carry alone. But what is a burden, and what goes in the backpack? At Experience Change, we will figure this out together so that we aren’t weighing ourselves down with stuff we weren’t even supposed to carry.

It’s a gathering for hundreds of high school students to experience the change God is stirring in them. Hosted at Butler Springs Christian Camp, Experience Change offers opportunities to commune with God, meet new people, deepen friendships, laugh, sing, and play. We hope you’ll join us November 6-8 or 13-15 for two amazing retreats.




WKND 1 & 2: $55 per person by Sept 21st
WKND 1: $65 per person by October 19th (add $10 after Oct 19th.)
WKND 2: $65 per person by October 26th.. (add $10 after Oct 26th)