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High School Retreat FAQ’s

1. Where can I view the schedule?
A weekend schedule overview is HERE.   Some of the start times may change and we may add additional elements, but the flow of this schedule should help any youth pastor or parent as they plan for the event.

2. How do I register?
There are two registration options:
– Register online here. You can register individually or as a group. The site is safe and secure and delivers your payment directly to Back2Back ministries (our parent organization.)
– Register by mail. Registration forms are available to all youth pastors and parents on an as needed basis. To request a mail in form, email us at All prices, dates, and mailing address are on the forms.


3. Why are checks payable to Back2Back Ministries?
Back2Back Ministries ( is the 501C3 non profit organization of which One21 is a part.
Where is the One21 High School Fall Retreat held?
The High School Retreat is hosted at Butler Springs Christian Camp. Butler Springs has been a partner with One21 since it’s beginning and the camp utilizes One21 as it’s outreach to high school students as well.

4.Where are we staying?
Butler Springs Christian Camp
3701 St Rt 41. Hillsboro OH 45133.
The housing at Butler Springs Christian camp is hosted in all weather cabins. Each cabin has air conditioning, heat, electricity, hot/cold water, and can house between 40-50 people. Most cabins offer 5 sleeping areas with 8-10 bunk beds in each area. You will receive dorm assignments one week prior to the event.

5. Can we use cell phones?
Very few, if any cell signals work at Butler Springs Christian Camp. There are land lines available for students and leaders to contact parents. Youth leaders are given access to password protected wifi in order to communicate to parents as well. Students are not given access to internet.

6.Do adults need to register?
Yes. The resources provided during the High School Retreat are given to adult leaders as well as the students. From housing and meals to the books and worship experiences offered by One21, all are valuable to both adults and students.

7. What should we bring?
A list of what to bring can be found here.


8. Where do we go when we arrive?
Registration will be held in the Coffeehouse It is located in the green bldng on the left (behind the flagpole and giant cross). Please park in the field with the flagpole and cross. Only one person needs to enter at registration. You will receive housing details before you arrive at the camp.