This is Temporary but WE are not.

High School Summer Camp 2017


When John calls Jesus “The Word” he meant something very specific and meaningful.  God uses words in His Story to unearth some pretty amazing things about how we know him, experience his creation, and live in community. Most of us don’t speak his language though, and his Word has been lost in translation.

One21 High School camps are communal experiences for high school students centered around 6 values.


Our journey is best experienced when we Love God more than anything.

Our journey is most vibrant when we live in community where everyone is welcome.

Our journey is adventurous when we create ways to mend a broken world.

Our journey is only as good as the difficult discussion we are willing to engage in.

Our journey is aligned with God’s story when we seek counsel and direction from God’s Word, His Spirit and His people.

Our journey is multiplied when we empower one another to Go on mission in local and global contexts.

Join the adventure.  Register for The High School summer camp by going to and choosing the One21 Summer Experience.
REGISTER Early for the best price.
Through April 5th: $210.00
April 6th- May 28th: $240.00
After May 28th: $270.00