This is Temporary but WE are not.

Our Story

In August 2008, a group of six youth pastors came together to discuss a combined yearly retreat.  One21 emerged from this discussion as each youth pastor shared the same vision and passion to see a generation rise up to live for the renown of God.  These pastors know that it will take resources, partnerships, training, worship experiences, and platforms for change in order to see their vision become a reality.  Their commitment to empower students, provide resources to youth pastors, and champion the next generation will help shape the future of the church in the American culture. Since that first meeting, One21 has implemented experiential events that have empowered thousands of students to live like Jesus with hearts set on forever.  In the summer of 2009, One21 began a partnership with Back2Back Ministries.


Back2Back Ministries is empowering One21 as the experiential event leg to carry out their vision to impact the spiritual growth of the American teenager.  One21 partners with Back2Back to reach students and empower them to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in Mexico, Nigeria, Haiti and India, through Back2Back Ministries mission trips and child sponsorship. By partnering with One21, you are ultimately partnering with Back2Back Ministries.  You can expect the same level of excellence that B2B has brought to the world of orphan care in our efforts to resource this generation.


Each One21 event is packed with experiences that will unleash the potential, imagination, and intelligence of high school students.  Our philosophy is to INVITE students to live like Jesus with hearts set on forever.  An invitation to a movement demands action.  By creating experiential teaching atmospheres, we not only tell the students the truth of God’s Word, but we also invite them to join the movement of God’s word.  Experiential teaching includes interactive games, surrounded by Biblical themes and implications, motivational large group teachings, and the practice of spiritual disciplines through worship, acts of service, interactive prayer rooms, and community living.

At each event, we provide housing, meals, security, experiential content, and resources for follow-up with your students.  We ask you to provide the transportation, spiritual oversight, mentorship, and accountability for the students who attend the event.  Each year, we offer three events designed to enhance different areas of students’ lives.


While One21 strives for excellence in implementing experiential events, our primary goal is to provide students with more than a mountain-top experience.  One21 offers resources for youth leaders that are designed to fuel the spiritual growth of students.  Back2Back Ministries also offers mission trip opportunities, internships, the IMPACT program (which provide an avenue for life-to-life evangelism), This is My Campus curriculum, and much more.  These resources alone will champion the next generation of students.  One21 has created blogs, resource sites, and communities that continue to challenge students to pursue Christ with an eternal perspective, while giving them a communal outlet.  Since youth culture is constantly changing, the planning team is continually working to offer new and updated student resources.